Trace elements and vitamins play a vital role in the health status of the dairy herd. Micronutritional deficiencies usually predispose many of the problems faced by dairy herd owners.

Vaccination failures, retained placentas, cystic ovaries, poor fertility, non-breeders, extended calving index, raised Somatic Cell Counts, clinical mastitis, low immune system activity (calf scour, virus pneumonia and non-thriving calves can all be linked to trace element deficiencies which existed  4-6 weeks prior to calving.

By improving the trace element status, along with good nutrition, i.e. feeding good quality silage combined with the appropriate levels of energy, protein and straw or equivalent in late pregnancy, can help reduce potential problems by 95%, increase milk yield, longevity and the number of calves produced and so improve profitability.

Dairy herds are managed in many different ways and so it is necessary to select the products at our disposal to suit individual situations.