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The essential trace minerals copper, zinc and manganese play important roles in reproduction.  Many breeding programs caused by stress, environmental factors or genetics are often resolved by the addiction of chelated forms of these minerals to the diet.

Dr. Ron Rompala

Nutritionists USA

Foot Health and the prevention of lameness are necessary for optimal production, reproduction and longevity of the modern dairy cow.  It follows that lameness prevention requires selected trace minerals supplied by sources that have consistent high bioavailability.  Three minerals are key to foot and leg soundness, copper and zinc are essential for proper hoof development while maganese is involved with joint health.  Copper is important for the formation and cross linking of connective tissue that will become bone, for osteoblastic (bone cell formation) activity and calcification of the cartilage matrix.

Zinc is essential for the kertinization and hardening of hoof tissue, and numerous studies have demonstrated that chelated zinc is significantly more effective in increasing hoof thickness and elasticity than inorganic forms of zinc.  Manganese is important for joint health, serving as a cofactor and activator for the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans, compounds with water structuring properties that provide compressive resilience within in the joint.

Providing these three minerals in a chelated form ensures more of the metal is available for these functions.

Wayne Hagen, PhD

Veterinarian and Nutritionist USA