What animals can I use MasterJect™ on?

Masterject™ was designed with primarily cattle and swine in mind, but field testing by veterinarians and farmers has shown MasterJect™ to be suitable for any livestock animal that can be defined as “thick-skinned” or with a heavy muscular mass.For example, Masterject is ideal for Deer, Bison / Buffalo, Ostrich etc.If you are unsure about the suitability of MasterJect™, please contact us at Enquiries, and we will consult our vets.

How durable is MasterJect™?

MasterJect™was designed by farmers, so it’s tough.From its durable rubber grip, to its rust-resistant coating, MasterJect™ was built to last. Every quality component has been vigorously tested to ensure MasterJect ™will outlast the farmer in the field.Steel housing, high-grade aluminium,industrial-standard springs and top-quality build all ensure you can depend on MasterJect™.

Do you need special equipment to use MasterJect™?

No, all you need is the gun itself.It uses Plastipak Luer-Lok® 20ml syringes and 14 or 16 gauge needles.We supply these if required, but you can use your own supply of Luer-Lok® 20ml syringes and the choice of needle is yours to make.We recommend using needles with only aluminium hubs as this is safer for the animal.Also,1 inch and 1.5 inch needles should be used.

Is MasterJect™ difficult to use?

Not at all…in fact, its the simplest injection gun available.Simply slot the needle and syringe into the Sure-Ject™ housing, load the medication by pulling the trigger and the gun is ready to inject.The Sure-Ject™ system is on the “open” side of the gun, so there is no need to remove any panels etc to load the syringe.

What about sterility issues?

MasterJect™uses disposable syringes and needles, so it can be used for one dose of medication/vaccination, and the syringe/needle can be safely disposed of before loading a new syringe/needle.We do have customers who report that one needle/syringe will last for up to 20 injections, therefore giving an extremely low multiple injection time for herd-work, but the use of MasterJect™ is at the discretion of the administrator.What it does mean however is that, unlike other injection systems, no sterilisation is required of the components, which means that this is not just a one-shot gun (and then having to sterilise), but a multiple injection system.
Another important aspect of MasterJect™ is the minimal chance of needle breakage.Once the needle is in place inside the housing, the needles hub is actually re-enforced by the gun’s casing, and the spring-loaded mechanism at the front of the gun acts as both a guide to the injection site and reduces lateral movement of the needle.

Can I alternate the level of dosage to less than 20ml?

Yes, thats not a problem.Because you draw the medication into the syringe manually, the correct amount of medication is governed by you.MasterJect™ will inject any medication/vaccination from 1ml to 20ml, the injection process and the operation of MasterJect™ remains the same.

What other issues should I know about?

We send out an info sheet with each MasterJect™ system, but here are a few safety tips you should know:
Always keep MasterJect™ out of the reach of children.
Do not fire MasterJect™ when the syringe is empty, this can shorten its lifespan.
Always remove the syringe/needle before storing MasterJect™
Keep all moving parts well-lubricated

Do not lunge at the animal.
Injection should be done positively following the animals movement.
The shorter needle we provide is recommended for use with young stock.

If theres a question I have that is not answered here… Then please contact us where we will do our best to help.