Many calves are born with inadequate body levels of critically important trace elements, such as iodine and selenium. In some cases they do not survive calving. In others, they survive calving, but do not develop resistance to infections such as scour and virus pneumonia. These calves are frequently lethargic, and often have poor appetites, in spite of having received colostrum, which can only be as good as the trace element of the cow.
(A weak calf is the end result of an imbalanced or deficient cow, whose colostrum will also be deficient).

Independent trials and ‘user’ experience have consistently shown that calf performance can be improved significantly by giving HVS Liquid Gold Cattle in the first few days of life or when introduced to new circumstances.

The inclusion of OPTiMIN’s in calf starter and calf weaner rations has been shown to improve immune status and growth rates. The inclusion of Water Soluble OPTiMIN ZMC/SAAC in the drinking water has been shown to improve fertility in their dams.

Improving the trace element status by dosing with HVS Liquid Gold Cattle along with good nutrition e.g. feeding good quality silage along with the appropriate levels of energy, protein and OPTiMIN minerals at weaning, can help reduce potential problems e.g. stress, which usually predisposes virus pneumonia necessitating veterinary intervention.

Suckle calves are managed in many different ways and so it is necessary to select the products at our disposal to suit individual situations.